Aveda Treatments

Products are sourced from nature itself, striving to be the world leaders in environmental responsibility. Using natural ingredients combined with the latest scientific technology and a holistic approach to beauty and health. Aveda’s spa and skincare philosophy, Elemental Naturism, is grounded in the belief that everything in the universe – including the skin and the body – is composed of five elements: Infinity (or Space), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. When environmental and emotional factors such as stress, imbalance or toxicity cause these elements to shift out of balance, this can naturally affect our skin, body and emotions.

Each tailor made experience begins with a relaxing foot spa while our therapists consult with you to discover your Elemental Nature taking you on a sensory journey of pure flower & plant essences to suit your individual needs, re-balancing & harmonising the mind & skin. Leaving you relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and with glowing skin.